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June 2019

Welcome to the reconstructed website for the Leonards of Kinglass, originally adapted from a monograph written by my father Philip Eamonn Leonard back in the 1990s.  Da Leonard passed away in 2012, and I was keeping this site up as a memorial to him, only to realise over the following decades that it is still a valuable resource for Leonard descendants and cousins from Australia to the USA, many of whom have fascinating information of their own to offer.  Newly affordable techniques of DNA testing have proved especially valuable in re-establishing links between distant branches of the family that had previously been lost in time, and if Da was alive today I’m sure he would have been thrilled to incorporate all this new information into his text.  As webmaster I will try my best to do this for him.   


Niall Leonard



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  1. Hi Niall
    I am the daughter of Patrick Leonard, Australia.
    Recently I have become interested in genetic genealogy and am making some excellent connections with cousins unknown to me previously. Are you are to point me in the direction of someone who has an extensive family tree, in particular the McManus line?

    What I have is very sketchy and unverified, just put together by family notes I made as a child related to me by my grandmother.

    Would be glad of any suggestions you have.

    1. I am sorry to have missed this request – notifications do not seem to be working. I believe however we corresponded by email. The Kinglass site was my late father’s project, not mine, and I have no expertise in it. I do know there are quite a few genealogical sites on the Net where you can find info, including data on the families of Fermanagh.

  2. Since the last comment is 2016, is there nobody overseeing this site? Any recommendations of people to contact as I am hoping to get to Fermanaugh if not this fall (2017) then in the spring regarding my Leonard ancestors: Terence Leonard & Brigid (Biddy) Dowd.


    1. As the website mentions, since my father who wrote the original monograph passed away, it is no longer being updated. However I, Niall Leonard, still control it and see posted comments like yours. If you are visiting Fermanagh there are still plenty of Leonards in Kinglass where my uncle runs Terence’s farm. You could do worse than start there.

  3. A beautifully written family history… What an engaging and well researched story. I share some connection to your family in that I am the grandson of John Corrigan and Mary Jane Cox of Sessiagh whom you highlight in Chp 8.

  4. Hello Niall
    I have uncovered some more very interesting Leonard family history.
    There was another son of Phillip and Jane McManus called James who has descendants still living in the US and with whom I am in contact.

  5. I really enjoyed reading this excellent family history.

    I can add to the Gilligan family tree. Below is a 2 generation tree that includes Ellen Gilligan who married Patrick Cox. Her sister Margaret Gilligan married Pat ‘the Ford’ from Derrymacausy the ancestor of the McManus family in Mullyneeny (my wife’s family).
    Bobby Forrest

    First Generation
    1. James Gilligan was born about 1801 in County Sligo and died on 5 Dec 1886 in Corraglass, Cleenish aged 85.

    General Notes: Old Age pension claim (Masterson p458)
    Derryaghna, Cleenish 1851 census
    James Gillegan aged 50 head labourer read only born Co Sligo
    Ellin Gillegan wife born Co Fermanagh married 1840
    Thomas Gillegan son 9 months old

    James married Ellen McTaggart in 1840. Ellen was born about 1819 in County Fermanagh and died on 12 Jul 1899 in Corraglass, Cleenish aged about 80.

    Children of James Gilligan & Ellen McTaggart —


    1. James Gilligan was born about 1842.

    General Notes: Witness to the marriage of his sister Margaret Gilligan

    2. Margaret Gilligan was born about 1845 in Derryaghna, Arney, County Fermanagh. and died on 13 Sep 1929 in Derrymacausey, Derrylin aged about 84.

    Margaret married Patrick McManus (b. Abt 1837, d. 28 Feb 1919) on 14 Feb 1867 in St Mary’s, Cleenish, Fermanagh. Patrick McManus was known as Pat the Ford. His family descendants moved to Mulyneeny, Derrylin, where the family still have a small farm.

    3. Ellen Gilligan was born about 1848 and died on 18 Jun 1922 aged about 74.

    Ellen married Phillip Cox (b. Abt 1844, d. Bef 1922) about 1870.

    4. Thomas Gilligan was born about 1849 in Derryaghna, Arney, Co Fermanagh and died after 1920.

    General Notes: Thomas made a pension claim on 29 May 1920. A search was made of the 1851 census were the family was found:
    Pension claim of Thomas Gilligan c. 1850 c/o Mr JJ Levatter, Letterbreen
    Search 1851 Derryaghna
    Parents James & Ellen Gilligan
    Parents married 1840
    Thomas 9 months son

    5. Patrick Gilligan was born about 1859.

    6. Sarah Gilligan
    General Notes: Sarah was informant of father’s death 1866 and her mother’s death 1899

    1. Though I approved this post years ago I don’t seem to have posted a reply here, which is very rude of me. I’m deeply grateful for the extra information – my father would have been thrilled. I find it fascinating and I am sure visiting researchers will find it invaluable.

  6. Hi Niall. I have studied your family tree at great length. Over the years I have been told often that the wife of my Great Grandfather was Mary Leonard from Kinglass. My main source who is sadly deceased, was very reliable. Is there any way could be in touch with you to find out more of the Leonards of Kinglass from the early 1800’s? Many thanks for any response that you may make.

    1. You are welcome to get in touch with me any time through this website, but I am afraid I have no genealogical expertise of my own to offer. This website was largely the work of my father, who passed away in 2012, and if there are any Leonard ancestors earlier than the ones this monograph mentions, he did not know of them. His sources were parish records, local knowledge, and the clues offered by gravestones in the local cemetery. I am based in London, and have access to none of these! My sincere apologies and I wish you the best of luck with your endeavours.

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